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Contact Centers
InfiniteKM provides easy access to the knowledge needed to deliver consistent CX results, aligned to corporate objectives, across all channels. Policies, procedures, news flashes, training content, and any other critical business information can all be stored, distributed, and accessed by the contact centre through a single, customizable portal. With the platform in place, customer satisfaction and referral scores (CSAT) and first contact resolution rates (FCRR) go up while average handling time (AHT) and the volume of escalations go down.

Integrated Desktop

Save handling time by leveraging the InfiniteKM desktop front end, which pulls the relevant data from all of the other applications that the agents use.

Search Knowledge Base / Search

InfiniteKM’s powerful (and proven) role based natural language search algorithm allows users to find the most relevant information they need quickly and efficiently.
Self service Multi Channel / Self Service

InfiniteKM extends to customers and prospects to allow them to self-service online, reducing repetitive, redundant enquiries into the contact center and increasing customer satisfaction.  
Training Learning

LMS (Learning Management Solutions) reduce onboarding times, measures competency levels/effectiveness and you set your learning paths, all SCORM based.  

Motivate your Direct and Channel Sales Force. Provide Rewards, Incentives and genuine Recognition to elevate performance and increase sales, market share and knowledge. 
Analytics Analytics

Analytics provide insight into trends in behavior and gaps in knowledge.  Take reporting to the next level with Infinite Dashboards, amalgamating a number of reports and actionable drill downs.


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Implementation, development, configuration, and training for InfiniteKM is all provided in-house by InfiniteKM’s Professional Services team.


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