Compliance Standards

Global regulatory compliance is changing. Organizations are facing increased exposure and penalties based on potential non-conformance with regulations, rules, and prescribed practices (“regulatory requirements”) in jurisdictions in which companies operate.

InfiniteKM transforms the way organizations optimize Regulatory Compliance Management (RCM) to ensure simplified workflows that enable compliance, while also enabling optimized customer experience (CX) and increased employee engagement.

We enable an RCM framework to be actioned and measured to manage and mitigate risk by cascading governance through an engaged leadership to all facets of the enterprise.  We accelerate the building of risk aligned culture by enabling the Board of Directors and Leadership to have oversight and to manage corporate objectives and role-based policies and procedures – even to the front line where behaviors will echo back via reporting and business results. 

The InfiniteKM cloud based architecture can stand alone or the functions can integrate into existing portal infrastructures (SharePoint / WebSphere), CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics) and security frameworks.
With InfiniteKM, Regulatory Compliance Management (RCM) can be fulfilled quickly and cost-effectively. Benefits include:


  • Ensures simplified execution of RCM for real-time visibility into accountability and action

Policy Management and Reporting
  • Provides consistency of policy creation, management, delivery and measurement
  • Real-time dashboards for key KPIs, reporting by business unit or by product
  • Automated RCM audits and digital score cards

Operationalize RCM
  • Embed compliance into operations (technically and culturally)
  • Easily monitor 3rd party services

  • Modular architecture enables integration into existing technology or date feeds for more robust reporting
  • Scalable to fit enterprise organizations  

Key Modules for this Configuration:

Compliance RM

Transforms the way organizations optimize Regulatory Compliance Management (RCM) to ensure simplified workflows that enable compliance.
Search Knowledge Base / Search

InfiniteKM’s powerful (and proven) role based natural language search algorithm allows users to find the most relevant information they need quickly and efficiently.
Training Learning

LMS (Learning Management Solutions) reduce onboarding times, measures competency levels/effectiveness and you set your learning paths, all SCORM based.  
Analytics Analytics

Analytics provide insight into trends in behavior and gaps in knowledge.  Take reporting to the next level with Infinite Dashboards, amalgamating a number of reports and actionable drill downs.

The Infinite eLibrary is the digital asset management module – enabling customers to manage all digital assets and deliver the content role-based to user and administrators.

Every sales call is an event – always have the latest campaigns, presentations, assets and data capture to ensure it succeeds. The ultimate tool for sales team members to assist in sales calls.


More Modules Available.  Click Here To View.

Implementation, development, configuration, and training for InfiniteKM is all provided in-house by InfiniteKM’s Professional Services team.


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