9/20/2011 - Infinite Media Launches InfiniteKM Version 2.1

Toronto, ON  – Today, Infinite Media, an integrated digital development company, announced the release of InfiniteKM 2.1, including a major upgrade to the Platform with the launch of InfiniteKM’s Public Website module.
InfiniteKM is a SaaS-based cross-media enterprise Knowledge Management (KM) solution enabling central management and alignment of marketing, sales, learning and incentive across sales channels. The InfiniteKM Platform enables role-based KM, LCMS, CMS and Video CMS (VCMS), allowing our clients to decrease time to market and get closer to their audiences, positioning themselves as leaders and innovators while driving increased agility and profitability.
The public website module enhances the platform significantly – allowing for instantaneous creation of robust websites to support business needs. In combination with InfiniteKM’s secure components for content delivery, organizations can now roll out content designed specifically for their public audiences as well. Cost-effective website management is enabled through a single platform – as InfiniteKM offers organizations a single avenue for seamless integration of a secure intranet and extranet services to accomplish business goals.
“InfiniteKM puts the control of your business where you want it – in your own hands, which is perfect for SMBs”, said Brad Sellors, Managing Director of Infinite Media. Robust, simple-to-use HTML editors and rich media publishing tools (eLibrary module and Infinite Presenter™) allow for full control over updates to content, and the Platform’s role-based architecture enables critical knowledge to be delivered by key organizational breakdowns – all of which are completely customizable. “Gone are the days of relying on third-party web administrators to deploy organizational knowledge – with InfiniteKM, even those with very basic web-knowledge are empowered as web administrators and content creators.”
Furthermore, the existence of the platform in the “cloud” – a strictly online model – allows users to access InfiniteKM anywhere and anytime. InfiniteKM offers open licensing – businesses have the option to pay for the service on a per-use or subscription SaaS-basis, and the Platform can be fully integrated into existing enterprise systems (such as Microsoft SharePoint and IBM WebSphere). Mobile and tablet versions of Infinite KM are also available.
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About Infinite Media:
Infinite Media Ltd (Infinite Media) is an integrated digital company. We are idea generating, process-driven, and results-oriented collaborators with over 15 years of experience providing intelligent answers to top global brands. Our consulting and production services include optimized marketing, learning, and software solutions that deliver measureable results.  Our cloud based platform, InfiniteKM,  is a robust suite of Customer Experience (CX) and Knowledge Management (KM) tools to engage your organization to sell more and service better. Brands adopt the platform to ensure a consistent customer experience across any channel, get closer to their audiences, and position themselves as leaders in customer success. We make video publishing, content management, and measurement simple and secure. Please visit us at,, or contact us at for any inquiries.

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