4/15/2021 - Infinite Media Integrates InfiniteKM Platform with Google SSO for Better Customer Experience

Toronto, April 15, 2021
Infinite Media, an integrated digital company, announces the integration of the InfiniteKM platform with Google SSO to offer organizations using Google, options for easy one-click access to InfiniteKM tools while maintaining the highest level of information security. With the InfiniteKM platform, Infinite Media combines easy to access and easy to use tools for end users and cutting-edge security so organizations can have confidence that information is secure and accessible to authorized users when they need it.
As more and more organizations choose Google for day-to-day operations, partnering with InfiniteKM for knowledge management and learning is the smart choice for ease of access and security. By integrating with Google SSO, users with Google accounts can access all the knowledge and learning tools of InfiniteKM without needing to login to a separate account. Once logged into their Google account, users can access their InfiniteKM account with one easy click and the confidence that account information is safe and secure.
“Further integration with Google allows us to offer our clients more options for easier SSO while maintaining security” – Brad Sellors, Managing Director
As Google tools evolve, the InfiniteKM platform will continue to innovate and integrate to bring the best functionality for client to sell more and service better.
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